getting better performance with direct 3d

Ive always gotten better performance with open gl with my other video cards. I run nascar racing 2003. Im getting around 100 fps and good quality with direct 3d. But with open gl video quality is blured and only 30-50 fps. I just dont understand it.

Epox 8RDA+: 12.0185
XP 2500+ Barton@ 2230
Thermalright SLK 800a heatsink
Vantec Tornado 84 CFM 80mm fan
9800 Pro 128. vpu: 434 mem: 364
Maxtor 80gig 7200rpm ata133
1024mb: Corsair XMS pc3200 cl2: Timeings: 5-2-2-2
Lite-On 48
24*48 cdrw
19" Hitachi CM772 Flat CRT@90 hertz
Windows XP Pro
500w pwr supply, Two fan, Switchable
3Dmark03: (6256)

Actually you have been the first person I wont be a smart ass too.

The answer my friend is quite simple. Direct 3d sux ass is why. Open GL always has and always will OWN direct 3 d.

The reason we have opengl problems with the new XP is cause microsoft makes d3d and is a jealous fuhk over opengl so they make their opengl32 shiet not work with our cards.

Good luck gettin it to work I been try for a damn month

Check your advanced video settings. I bet you have something turned on for OpenGL that you don’t for DirectX.

You might even try the OpenGl settings one at a time to see the impact.

When i select the renderer as OpenGL it selects the display adapter as OpenGL and theres no other choices. Display adapter should be 9800 pro. Am I correct?


Select the SETTINGS tab and ADVANCED.

Then select the ATI tab.

Under it should be a tab for OpenGL.

You have sliders for quality v performance, etc.

This is all detailed in your video card’s manual (which is where I got it from since I don’t own a ATI card, although the settings are very similar to Nvidia).

Ive done all that, thanks anyway. Ive tweaked it to death and nothing makes OpenGL work any better.