Getting an image into my code??

Hello ppl,

i am very new to this. I am creating a multiple scene animation for a BMW ad. Im kind of stuck on how to get a BMW in my animation.

Can neone please tell me how to do this.
I need the image of the car from the front and then like a camera it then shows the back and morphs the car image to the BMW logo…
Can neone please help me out with this??

have you tried rotating ur logo?

If you are thinking about having the scene looking at different parts of the car, you should probably get a 3d model, so that you can look at any part.

If not, then why are you using OpenGL? OpenGL is mostly used for 3D graphics rendering, not 2d bitmaps. For 2D bitmaps, use some video editor program.

Reson im using openGL is cuz thats what im learning, part of a course…

Any ideas on where i can get a 3d model of aany bmw car pre-ready??

wat if u pic ur beemr and then lift it from a screen hoist?

– sammy