GetShaderiv & glext.h

Searched, but didn’t find any note about it here.
glext.h @ is missing glGetShaderiv !

Why is that? Did i miss something?

(As i’m using my automated tool to create the extension-checking-attaching-orgy … i’m not really interested to add it myself :stuck_out_tongue: )

glGetShaderiv is an OpenGL 2.0 function.
The glext.h on that page supports up to version 1.5 and glGetShader was not in the GL_ARB_shader_objects spec.

I see. But what is used for detecting filures (compiling, linking …) then?

edit: nevermind. Found ValidateProgramARB(). :slight_smile:

That won’t get you far. Check these functions:

// Shader compiled?
glGetObjectParameterivARB(object, GL_OBJECT_COMPILE_STATUS_ARB, &compiled);

// Program linked?
glGetObjectParameterivARB(program, GL_OBJECT_LINK_STATUS_ARB, &linked);

// Read info log in either case:
glGetObjectParameterivARB(object, GL_OBJECT_INFO_LOG_LENGTH_ARB, &maxLength);
// malloc infoLog here. This call fill it:
glGetInfoLogARB(object, maxLength, &length, infoLog);

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