Gerbera alloc panic on Symbian

I’m not sure if anyone can help me, but I’ll try anyway. My Series 60 OpenGL ES application is working fine except that it’s leaking memory. When I exit the app, I get an alloc panic. Debugging the panic I found out that some memory that is allocated inside eglCreateWindowSurface() is never freed. Here is my initializing code:

And here’s the cleanup:

Anyone have ideas why something is not freed?

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We really appreciate it.

Are you seeing this behaviour on the emulator or device version or both?

We’ll take a look at what’s causing this and fix it in the next release. I assume the bug isn’t affecting your development so that you don’t need a fix earlier, right?

How are you finding the library otherwise?


No, this alloc panic is not a major problem at this point, I can ignore it for now. I’ll post more info if/when I investigate it further.

The application is only running on emulator so far, I’ve just started to test it on device (Currently somewhere in my code it’s causing a EExcFloatUnderflow exception). On the emulator the library is working very well, no problems so far. I’m porting an existing OpenGL ES application from Windows CE platform.


Ok, now it’s running on device also, without the alloc panic. So it shows up only on emulator.

Update: Got rid of the alloc panic by changing the initialization. Previously I specified EGL_RED_SIZE 8, EGL_GREEN_SIZE 8, EGL_BLUE_SIZE 8, now I use EGL_BUFFER_SIZE.

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