Geometry Shader error check?

What’s the best app for this? I was using 3dLabs’ validator for fragment but it doesn’t support geometry shaders.

It also doesn’t support GLSL 1.3 or greater. It’s an out-dated tool.

But there isn’t another GLSL compiler out there.

So what do you do? Write your own error log output? Can GLSL be queried for line-specific error checking?

Maybe cgc from NVIDIA SDK can do this (I’m not sure about it).
It rather cannot compile shaders to binary form (This is impossible with GLSL), but maybe can validate the code.

Or write simple GL program which only gets context, and tries to compile your shaders.
You can get status by calling glGetShaderiv
error log: glGetShaderInfoLog

similar functions are used to check program after linking or validation
(glGetProgramiv, glGetProgramInfoLog)

I’ve used to use shader maker until i added a built in glsl debugger to my editor. it’s the best thing i could find that has support for geometry shaders.

Thanks sgsrules, Shader Maker is what I was looking for. Do you remember how to pass values in uniform and attribute variables to the shaders in this program?

it’ll pick up in float and vec uniforms along with sampler but not attributes. It’s a little dated (as are all the other glsl editors out there) since it still had all the fixed function stuff in there but if you just need something basic for debugging it does the job.