Geometrical model

I’m presently modelling the path of a yarn( textile thread)in a fabric. The cross-section of the yarn is elliptical and the path is sinusoidal. What is the best way to create this object noting that it will then interact with a light source to model the reflective nature of yarns?
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Well, I haven’t understood what a yarn is (I’m not a native english speaker) but maybe you can take a look at
a) Triangle strips
b) Bezier surfaces
Provided that each model will have many vertices you will get a good lighted result.
On the other hand you can use shaders where you can have per-pixel lighting. Hope I’ve managed to give you an idea :wink:

Thanks Moucard,
I’ll take a look at the options you have suggested. A yarn is simply a textile thread with which a textile fabric is made.
Do you know where I can get information on triangle strips?

You need to read the red book

Search for opengl reference on the net and you can get a pdf free. Page 45 has all the options for how to draw.