generic modelling

I’ve been wondering about generic modelling for a while, but I can’t quite figure out how to do this. The problem is that I want to speed up things with vertex/texcoord arrays but there is one thing that I can’t get around:
How do I use multiple textures in one model?

I mean, when I throw in a vertex/texcoord array I cannot define another texture between polygons, so I kinda need to change my perception on the concept of models. No?
Up untill now I’ve had quite extensive classes to give a model multiple textures.

To narrow down my question:

  1. Is it common multiple textures are used in models?
  2. Is a model usually drawn in one call to the DrawElements() ? Or are the calls split up to change state in between?


  1. if needed
  2. glBindTexture(TexOne)
    glDrawElements() // all tris with TexOne
    glDrawElements() // all tris with TexTwo