generating vertices with vp

Do any of the vp variations (NV version, ARB, whatever nvidia has, EXT)

create vertices.

What is the technical reason for NV_v_p not giving this ability? How hard is to to create some functions that allow you to reserve memory in VRAM and just do all computation on the GPU.

Would be useful for plenty of FX.


Vertex Processors dont create vertices, they process them. If you want to produce the vertex position solely in the Vertex Program, then just pass any old crap over and ignore it. But at least it will trigger off a vertex to be processed.

Creating vertices is the job of the primitive processor. I think one day the primitive processor will be programmable, so you can program how polygons can be created. I think GL2 exposes this, not sure.


Generating vertices and executing the standard primitive construction commands (glDrawElements, glbegin, glend) would be good to have. But why not have this feature now?
I know that you can send junk and process them with a vp but that’s not very smart.

What does the primitive assembly unit do exactly anyway? How does it deal with memory?


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Also, generating vertices should occur before primitive assembly I think, It should be at the very beginning of th pipeline. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing this during primitive assembly if that satisfies the situation.