Generate coordinates within a 3D object


I need to generate coordinates for a 3D object. The coordinates should include vertices on the surface as well as the vertices inside the object volume. The inside vertices should be separated fairly equally.

I am thinking first finding out the surface vertices, then connecting each pair of surface vertices which are not next to each other by straight lines, and take those line intersections as inside vertices.

I don’t see much information about this on Google. Can someone point me the appropriate keyword to search on Google? I was trying to find some tutorial about this.

hm, perhaps voxelize your object and use voxel centre points for the interior vertices? This should give fairly evenly distributed points and by changing the voxel size you have simple control over the point density.

Connecting surface points only works reliably for convex objects, but perhaps you only have those. I would not expect too many intersections between those lines, but choosing points along the lines through the centre should work.

Thanks for the reply. I think voxelization is the keyword I need. I’ll look for more details about that.