General Questions concerning different implementatios


can somebody give me the most important differences between the open gl es implementations “VINCENT” , “POWERVR” and “HYBRID RASTEROID”?


  • Can I use the Vincent on every Windows Mobile Device (plattform indipendant)?


  • I use a Dell Axim v51. PowerVR only supplies a SDK with OpenGL 1.0. Is it right that I can’t use the hardware acceleration with this SDK?
  • The SDK doesn’t include a “libGLES_*.dll” becaus it’s already installed. Where can I find this one and why can’t I use this dll for example by vincent?

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No, you will actually want to use the pre-installed DLL because it is the one that provides hardware acceleration. It provides the 1.0 API, and it does provide hardware acceleration.

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PS: The 1.1 API spec. added features to the API that would only be beneficial for a hardware implementation. For a software implementation, those extensions mostly introduce inefficiencies. However, this does not prevent an efficient hardware implementation of the 1.0 API by itself. Like the one you have on your Dell.

Ok, thanks!

Does this mean, that Vincent doesn’t support Hardware Acceleration?

Vincent, like Rasteroid, is a software rendering implementation.

Hardware accelerated implementations are typically only provided by the companies designing/manufacturing the hardware, as these are the only ones who know how to “talk” to a particular graphics processing unit.

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