General advice on mutiple renders


If I am rendering to a texture bound to a FBO and will then use that texture as input to render to another texture (and so on), how should I set up the FBOs etc. Should I have one FBO for each texture? Or should I have one FBO and bind the texture I am rendering to each time?

Also, if I do

  1. Render from Tex1 to Tex2
  2. Render from Tex2 to Tex3
    will it likely stall because the first render hasn’t finished? i.e. should I try and pass time doing other things before step 2?


two FBOs will do the trick in most cases, if you have two you can ping pong between the two, if you only have one you need to copy the data to another texture before continuing, which one is faster is hard to say so it could be a good idea to try both ideas.

as for the other question, no, as it will do them sequentially, the only stall you need to worry about is when you have to wait for rendering to finish in order to issue new commands to openGL