geforce4 mx440

i have been to several forums and have noticed a lot of problems with this card and its drivers or some crap when i got the card it played all my games fine then one day every fame up and gives me an error wolfenstein gave me this error qgamex86.dll faulting module so as i looked into the error more i discoved this from
The application,

<application name>, generated an application error The error occurred on <date and time> The exception generated was c0000005 at address 711341F7 (DllGetClassObject) Data: 0000: 0d 0a 0d 0a 41 70 70 6c …Appl etc…

then i found this
This error is not specific to a particular problem. It is generated by DrWatson everytime an application tries to access parts of the memory that it is not allowed to. Check the link for the automatic search at Microsoft for a list of several Q articles about these type of events
so i dont know what the deal is with this card but im about to tos the mug and get me something better and say hell wit nvidia anyways if anyone can help me with this error and save me from going and haveing to buy a new video card it would be much appreciated