geForce4 MX(440) DirectX 6.1 - 8.1a Fix

Ok all here I have the resolution and it works fine no lock ups and no black screening here is the fix very easy but who would have thought of the Adapter Refresh Rate I was reading this document about the geForce256 different card but same problems at (“
Not update the VIA AGP Drivers
But who make your card update the card drivers to the latest NVIDIA Detonators (This is my theory)
And change the refresh rate to Adapter Default. For some reason Nvidia has problems with refresh rate kind of like the Trident 9680 had the same problem in Windows 95.

I believe that the Refresh Rate is the problem with all the Nvidia cards.

I am working great after 40 – 50 hours of trouble shooting and 10 reinstalls I am Gaming my ass off in Windows 98 SE now as far as Windows XP, Windows 2000 And Windows ME I would look in the same area as the Windows 98 SE Resolution.

Good Luck all and tell me if this works.

Oh before I forget the resolution that I gave you guys works with DirectX 6.1 - 8.1 and as far as DirectX 9.0 I read a article on the net and it stated that 9.0 is a beta in only ATI RADEON 9700 Pro is supported by the beta and furthermore there are no games as of now that can take advantage of DirectX 9.0.

Very Happy,