Geforce4 420 go

Hi everyone,
I have a Geforce4 420 Go on my Toshiba laptop, and neither the Toshiba default drivers nor the nvidia drivers allow for opengl to work. I am running winXP so glsetup isnt an option. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks!

I too have a Toshiba with the GF4 420 Go and I just recently wiped and reloaded my machine. I know for a fact that I once ran OpenGL on this machine under the detonator drivers but the option has disappeared with the new ForceWare drivers…any help would be appreciated.

I’ve got the same laptop and used the original drivers from Toshiba. Go to the Toshiba-site ( and visit the support-section. You can download a display driver for each OS. Although it’s an old one (begin 2003) it’s works fine and I can use OpenGL. When using GLInfo it shows the Nvidia-driver.