Geforce2 Ultra and XFree4.0.2

So here’s my deal. I’ve got:

-Dual PIII with 4GB RAM
-Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra(Geforce2 Ultra chipset)
-Redhat 6.2 with the 2.2.19pre7 kernel
-Newest NVidia kernel and GLX(0.9.6 I think)

I’m fairly sure I’ve got the XF86Config-4 correct as I’ve done it a few times with other setups. However, when I run startx nothing shows up. When I look at the log file the only error I get is “Failed to set up write-combining range (0xf0000000, 0x400000)”. Anyone have any ideas? I think it might have something to do with the dual processors but I’m not positive. If I can get some suggestions without having to post my XF86Config or the log files that’d be great as I’d have to write them down then type it up.