GeForce2 & OpenGL problems!!!!

I installed this card a week ago and since have had nothing but problems running ANY games in OpenGL(Q2,SiN,SOF,Q3,Half-Life).I managed to get SiN to run @ first but then an unrelated problem occured and had to re-format HD,clean install of everything.Now can’t get any game to run in opengl.Game doesn’t even load.just hangs on a blank screen.My system:AMD K6-2 500 on a Tyan S1598
TrinityAGP MB w/96MB PC100;Cardex GeForce2MX
w/32MB(have had original drivers AND the Detonator3 from Nvidia installed).
Been down the Tech Support lane w/ my board
manufacture and the games.I’ve been in all related forums and nothing has worked.Is there something in my system I should explore?Can’t undersand why SiN ran once but no more? Also have uninstalled DirectX8 and reinstalled ver 7a.