Geforce2 : OpenGL games freeze

System Specs :

MSI K7Turbo Mobo
1.4 AMD
GeForce 2 Pro (made by Leadtek)

Whenever I play games that run in OpenGL, after a short period of time my entire computer will lock up, requiring a cold reboot. I’ve isolated the problem down to the video card, but can’t figure out exactly what it is. If I run, for example, Half-Life in Direct3D, there are no problems whatsoever (beyond crappy quality.)

I’ve tried 4 different sets of drivers; 3 different Detonators (including the newest 40 set,) and the manufacturers drivers.

If anyone has ANY idea, I have spoken with some people who have had the same problem I have, and they didn’t know either. Also, I ran the program in Win98 compatibility mode, doesn’t help.

(On a side note, I tried installing win98 for greater compatibility, but for some odd reason it would go to splash screen, and reboot computer…tried install w/2 seperate win98 installers and 2 dif HD’s =/)

I just have so many problems, yay me!

I got a PII 233 and 192MB ram. A Asus P2l97 board (bios rev.1009) and a Palit daytona Geforce2 MX/200.

I run on win98SE.

Whenever I play a game, everything goes fine for about 5 minutes, graphics smooth as babie skin an then… WHAMMA!!!

I get a pagefault error 0167(or 0028) or a fatal exception OO and OE or the graphics freeze and the mouse and sound still work fine but the computer won’t respond. Sometimes, it just shut down the program and goes back on the desktop.

I tried a lot of stuff to get this over with… And since I installed NVMAX4.0, I get a nice Rundll error in NvQwk (missing entry NvHtCH) everytime I boot up.

I run on 28.32 drivers from Nvidia, and it is a Direct3D problem as well as an OpenGL one (I don’t use glide).

The only game I can run without errors is Baldur’s Gate2. Everything that uses OpenGL is bound to crash in either 5 seconds or in five minutes… I seldom got Active desktop failures but then again, who doesn’t?).

I can’t run 3Dmark either, it frezes in the middle of the test. All my DirectX tests are running fine (I got DX8.1).

I have some knowledge about computers and it feels like it could work (if it works for 12 seconds, it can run 10 hours as far as I’m concerned)but there is a problem in memory pagination or something like that. It feels as if it were filling in information and running fine until it jammed!

If anyone has any idea how to crack this one up, mail me and I’ll buy you a beer…