Geforce2 MX-400, WinXP and Counterstrike

Hi there.

I just bought a new computer with the Geforce2 MX-400 and running on XP. I cannot play counterstrike at all. Whenever I start a game on any server, it just freezes and reboots my computer. I am going crazy! I tried running both under the 3D and Open GL, but nothing seems to work.

I have the newest drivers for my motherboard, just updated XP and the newest drivers for the Geforce2 MX-400. What could be my problem?

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling WinXP, my motherboard, the Geforce and both Half Life and counterstrike with the newest updates.

I cannot figure out what my problem is!!!

Please please please help me…


-And I have 400 MB RAM…


I have a crap card right now!
But about Half life and XP!!!
the game can’t work with XP and Seirra
has no updated drivers sorry!!
Can u play Return to castle wolfenstien on your comp?

sorry not drivers just software pathches to work with xp!

I don’t know, if I can play Wolfenstein. However I tryed setting my computer to at standard pc and then not installing my video card. Now I can play sometimes for hours in counterstrike but only with the direct3D and 800X600. Not even Direct3D and 1024X768… But still -now I can play CS again yahooooooo!

This proves my point about nVidia-based cards and MS–they both suck. I have had my voodoo 3 and I get great performance. I once bought a GF2mx and didnt get above 50 to 60 fps @1024 res in OGL on it–and thats with all the tweaks, refresh fixes, etc. So I took it back and kept my voodoo and get my usual 80 to 99 fps in same settings. But you should be able to play CS because I some of my CS friends have XP and play it just fine with a GF. I’ll ask em how they do it and post here when I find out. BTW, here is some urls for you to check out in the meantime--…=counter+strike —look at bottom of post and the guy says to go to nVidia site and download the drivers for XP and this one says to disable F-Secure
I hope I helped you in anyway.

Thanks a lot! I will take a look at them. However I doubt it will work. I spent an overall of about 40 hours looking everywhere (almost) on the internet for solutions to my problem.:slight_smile:

Here is a guy who thinks he solved the problem, but it didn’t work for me though, but maybe for someone else…

My fps is about 40 or 50, which is not very good, but still better than on my integrated graphics card, which really sucks!