GeForce woes not running in 3d APIs(D#D,OpenGL)

To all having “geforce issues”,
the way to fix it is to:
a) go to “INF” folder of windows(usually C:\winnt\inf) &
delete all oem*.inf files where * is any number

  1. deinstall a current driver & after deinstalling it go to
    device manager & double click on Monitors category,double click
    to expend it, then right click your monitor & select “uninstall”
    from a context menu
  2. then double click “display controller” & r-click on current Display
    adaptor & select “uninstall” , the winXP will prompt you to reboot, DO NOT
    press YES, rather press OK on a prompt to reboot from deinstallation of drivers program
  3. reboot
  4. after reboot , cancell out if XP prompts you to install a driverr for a card with
    “found new hardware” wizard , first, use a program like " nasty file remover " for nvidia based graphic cards or “voodoo uninstaller” which vcan be found on following web sites: or if not try to serch for them on
    or www.
  5. make sure to clean registry for any instances of references back to your old drivers
    categories like “nvidia” or “3dfx” etc., you can use “jv power tools” registry cleaner
  6. after cleaning reboot again
  7. cancell out from “found new hardware” wizard again
  8. disable any antivirus programs running in system
  9. download detonator 30.86 from
  10. once downloaded double click install file & follow prompts
  11. reboot

P.S. if you have directX ver 8.1 installed , DO NOT upgrade it to dx ver.9 or 9.1
there is no benefit , just harm

good luck

if still confused e-mail@

ok dude can you please tell us what the hell “deinstalling” is?
also what windows are you talking about I looked and found no such folder.


There is a MUCH easier way of doing that…

Just use the Denotator Destroyer at

BTW, his instructions are just for a clean reinstall of NVIDIA drivers… it won’t necessary fix any problems.

Damn Uh you tend to stay on top of things lol good shot