geforce mx problems

i’have trouble to render a 3d scene with a geforce. it cause faces overlaping. is it like i have disabled zbuffering.
what is the problem ?
hope somemone could help

You using the right depth function? GL_LESS is usually the one you need.

I’ve tested GL_LEQUAL and GL_LESS : GL_LEQUAL seems better but some overlaping still remains… (Got a MX too)

What are you using for your Windowing system? I was trying out a Glut app I wrote on the Linux machines at school so that I can “show-and-tell” my project this Friday. To my surprise, depth buffering wasn’t working. After trying all sorts of things, I then tried to add GLUT_DEPTH to the glutInit function and depth buffering magically started to work. Perhaps you’re having a similar problem?