Geforce FX help

I have a Geforce FX Go5650 with the latest drivers on my dell laptop. I can’t get:

to work. Aren’t they supported with this card? How can I get them to work?

I don’t get it, since NVIDIA has a tutorial ON THIER WEBSITE using these! Please tell me what is up!

Using “glew”, in the tutorial I got off of NVIDIA’s site, it says the extensions aren’t supported!

Try a this driver:
Or visit;f=11;t=000051

NVidia doesn’t support Go chips in it’s drivers. You have to use DELL drivers. Usually this drivers are outdated. But… there is a trick…

Get latest forceware drivers (FW 61.71, ) and dl inf patch from

Install this new drivers and you can use GLSL.



It worked!


My computer looks rather funky when windows is starting up (like it isn’t exactly drawing to some pieces of the screen), but, oh well!

I don’t exactly know what a forceware driver exactly is, so I’m going to read up on that. Thanks for your help!

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