GeForce FX 5950, Linux...

Has anyone tried a FX 5950 card with Linux drivers yet?

If I look at the list of supported cards in the README.txt, the 5900 / 5900 Ultra aren’t even listed (but I know they work). (The “Release Highlights” does mention “FX 5900 support”, though)…

So has anyone tried a 5950 yet?


Yes. The 5900 and 5950 work fine under Linux.

The fact that 5900 isn’t mentioned is a mistake. The readme file hasn’t been updated accordingly.

As for the 5950, I think it is supported by the latest AMD64 driver (4499) but I don’t think it is supported by the 4496 (it’s the latest IA32 driver publicly available).

Drivers should be released soon if nvidia wants to fill that gap.

As “TriangleMan” mentioned, the 5950 works under the latest (July?) 32 bit drivers…I just bought one and installed it – works fine with no configuration changes at all…

It is an Asylum 5950 ultra 256 meg card…so I can’t speak for anything else

(glad it works!)