Geforce 3 Problem When Gaming..


I’ve just had my computer formatted by a bloke from evesham, where i got it from and since then my framerate in games has gotten pretty poor. My framerate in Q3 urban terror is fine until I see anyone or go into large spaces. Then it drops to between 15 and 30 fps. My Q2 performance has also dropped. This never used to happen before I had my computer “fixed”. I’ve downloaded the latest Detonator drivers from nvidia and it still hasnt fixed it. I’ve disabled Anti-Aliasing and V-Sync. I dont really know THAT much about computing when it comes to things like this so help would be much appreciated.

AMD T-Bird 1400 Mhz
Geforce 3 (Don’t know what make because evesham bunged it in and it doesnt have a company name on it. Ran DXDIAG and it said Manufacturer was nVidia)
ASUS mobo (lol if that helps)

Thanks in advance.