GeForce 3 & OpenGL?

Hello everyone, I have browsed this forum in search for a solution to my problem, but no luck.

I have a spanking new AMD 1700+, Geforce 3 Ti200, K7S5A M/B, 256 DDR, Windows 98 SE system and with this configuration I’ve managed to complete Return to Castle Wolfenstein without any serious problems apart from a few lockups.

Now, I´ve been trying out a bunch of my older games to see whether they work. First I tried Heavy Metal FAKK 2, which is a Quake 3 Arena engine based game. When I load it, I never get past the grey screen that pops up after a few seconds. The whole system locks up and I can’t see what caused the problem. Now, I have contacted the game company and they state that the game is rendered using OpenGL solely. Of course, I try to install OpenGL using the web-exe found on this very domain, but it says it can’t find “a suitable display driver” for my current card, or similar. I´m thinking: the web-exe is out of date - manufactured before the release of Geforce 3?

Btw, exactly the same thing happen when I try to start up Anachronox - total freeze. I think this game is based on the Quake 2-engine.

Anyway, the REALLY strange thing is that I can run the original Quake 2 in “default OpenGL” without a single problem in 1600x1280 resolution, hours on end.

If anyone could direct me to a place where I could get OpenGL 1.3 drivers for a Geforce 3 card - or in some other way assist me in this matter, I´d be very grateful.

Try doing the following to resolve the grey screen when loading.

  • set your screen resolution to 800x600
  • set colour to 16bit high

Use control, alt, delete to open the window that shows your running programmes. You need to close down all programs within this window except for Explorer and Systray.

Once you have done this the try running the game. Apparently certain programmes running in the background can affect loadup.

Let me know if it works for you.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, the exact thing happens when I set down resolution and colour depth.

I never have any applications running except for Explorer and Systray either.

I guess I´ll try to install a Quake 3 demo and see what happens. The engine for Heavy Metal FAKK 2 proved to be from that game and not Quake 2 which I stated in my original post. Strange that Return to Castle Wolfenstein works though.

Now this is strange. I just played Quake III Arena in “default OpenGL” for two hours. Why the heck won’t Heavy Metal FAKK 2 work? Argh!!! It´s the same frikkin’ engine!

I bet this is not a display problem at all. No help to get from the game company either.

It might be worth your while checking out some of the other game companies sites to see what solutions they put forward for this problem. Often the solution can be similar for games. I was having trouble with MOHAA and actually went to another site to find the solution. Maybe try some of the game forums - they are pretty good at helping.

I managed to solve my problem thanks to a tip at an Anachronox forum. It was soundrelated. I just changed a few settings in the “multimedia” section (control panel) and both Heavy metal FAKK 2 and Anachronox started up just as they should.

Thanks for trying to help me out though, appreciate it.
The detonator xp(98 version) driver does contain open GL 1.3. Try downloading it.