Geforce 2mx400 Doesnt support opengl?

I just put my geforce2mx400 card in and opened cs in opengl mode but it just crashes right when i try to join a game and says, “The selected mode OpenGL is not supported by your video card” why is this happening?! please help!

You haven’t given us enough info to diagnose your problem.

Did you install the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer? What Operating System?

i have the latest driver for geforce but it just wont work

win98 compaq presario5834 500mhz 128ram geforce2 mx 400

It appears your computer has onboard video, I’m assuming you installed the Geforce card as an upgrade?

Did you disable the onboard video (in your system BIOS, or a jumper on the motherboard)? I’m thinking that perhaps CounterStrike is detecting the onboard video (which probably doesn’t support the opengl features CS requires).

yes, i did upgrade it. but, when i had my old one, i could still play in opengl.

I have the same problem with a HP Pavilion 8668c and I upgraded to a Geforce 2 MX 200 (only PCI card the store had). Any games using OpenGL crash within 30 seconds. HP’s instructions did not mention disabling onboard video in the BIOS but I have to check that.

Also disable onboard video in your hardware profile. Go to Control Panel, then to the old display device, uncheck “Enable in this hardware profile.”

I have a GeForce 2 mx 400 installed on an Athalon T-bird 950Mhz that i built myself and it works just fine in OpenGl. Solution: DON’T BUY PREMADE COMPUTERS AND ATTEMPT TO UPGRADE!!! It will almost always lead to unexpected probelms.