GeForce 256 Performance Problem with Borland C++ Builder

Hello Folks,
I have a quite strange problem with my geForce 256 and C++ Builder 5.0.
If I startup my Windows 95B crook (400Mhz, 128MB Ram Geforce256 SDR)
and want to run a simple OpenGL programm, it runs! No Problem at all !!

If i startup Borland C++ Builder and open a project, write a litle and close it
after that (without compile anything!), my framerate in ANY (not only my own) OpenGL programm sinks UNDER (argghhhh!!!) 1fps!!!

A Reboot is the only thing that helps in this situation.
Maybe U2!!! :-/

your very,very and HECK

DO you have any opengl components? If yes, try removing them and see if this will solve the problem.


Thanks Lev,
but I installed it just fresh from the CD, and I dont have any OpenGL Components.

(Heck means: wWhHaAtT tToO dDoO?)