Geforce 210 OpenGL problem !?

I just installed a new Geforce 210 card (PCIexpress) in my PC. According to the box, it is supposed to support OpenGL 3. However, when I run GPU Caps Viewer under Windows, I see that only OpenGL 1.1.0 is supported (GDI Generic renderer). Almost all OpenGL applications fail to run. Direct3D seems to work fine (Grand Theft Auto runs fine. That wouldn’t be the case without graphics acceleration). When I boot under Ubuntu, OpenGL works fine (the reported version is 3).

I already tried uninstalling/installing the graphics drivers a few times. I tried both the latest drivers from the NVidia site as the drivers that came with the card. I tried cleaning the registry. Nothing worked so far…

How can I get my OpenGL working again under Windows (preferably without reinstalling the operating system)?

That is a driver issue. Windows is using the default Microsoft OpenGL 1 drivers instead of the NVIDIA OpenGL drivers.

How to fix that @@

Almost all OpenGL applications fail to run.

That should not happen. Despite of the fact that the default GL version under windows is 1.1, you can access to all versions supported by your GC/driver (with extensions, with context creations).

Can you elaborate on this ?

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