geforce 2 mx and cs

whenever i try to use opengl in counter-strike my computer crashes…someone please help direct3d sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same problem, but let me go into more detail about mine, and hopefully someone can help us.

I’ve searched forum upon forum for an answer to my problem, and it spans more than one system. Specifically, it involves Counter-Strike, OpenGL mode, Geforce cards (GF2 and GF3), Athlon T-bird processors, and XP (Mine is upgrade from 98, the other is fresh install). Driver versions tested for a solution are 23.11, 23.12, 21.83.

Ok, here’s how it happens, I run counterstrike, and I can get into a game and play perfectly, but when I exit the program after playing, the video locks up and within seconds all of windows follows suit, the only hints as to the cause being a loud beep from the case and occasionally XP detects the faulty restart and blames the Nvidia card. I figure it has to do with the video anyways, given Direct3D doesn’t do this (Though in D3D mode in CS Frame rates SUCK and weird problems with main menu, including not being able to actually SEE it). When I quit CS, and the screen freezes, it looks like the resolution change sticks or something.

If I’ve left out anything, please check this link for my first (and ongoing) post about this problem. I’m desperate for a solution, if any of you have had this problem, help!…threadid=104094