Geforce 2 GTS Recommendations

The first thing that the instruction manual recommends is a 733mhz or better CPU. I recently found that was the problem on a customer’s machine, and yet another. I also noticed that all the problems with cards and drivers are all PCs with small CPUs.The GTS is a high end card and it needs high end products to run it properly. Before everybody accuses the card, driver, open gl, and nvidia, upgrade first.

We already did and tried doing it again and again…On my manual it wasn’t ever mentioned about what CPU they recommend or required…just AGP slot and the OS. I only have TNT2 PRO and its not that of a conflict with my CPU (AMD K6-2 500). What I think about it, is that it is a F.U.C.K.I.N.G bug that the companies know about even before it went complicating our system. They better have an answer!!!