GeForce 2 card defect?

I just got my new PC with a GeForce2 GTS from ASUS. I installed the 12.90 beta drivers from ASUS, then the GART drivers to activate the AGP 4x. Everything went fine and really fast. But 3 days later the in every 3D fullscreen application I see a flickering and smearing on the screen, like the color buffer doesn’t get deleted. I uninstalled the 12.90 beta’s and installed the 6.41’s but the problem keeps. Is the grafic card maybe defect? I did no tweaking, so the memory and chip speed of the card is set to default. But the chip seems rather hot, although the SmartDoctor from ASUS says, it has only 56° C. One thing I would assume too, it’s a hardware defect is, that I did not change anything at the drivers. Everything were running fine, I closed a 3D app, opened an other and there was the error.



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It can perhaps be artifacts from not having vsync enabled?

Originally posted by nvidia_linux:
It can perhaps be artifacts from not having vsync enabled?

No, I’ve set all settings to standard, where vsync is enabled.
I then tried the nvidia drivers installing over the ASUS, but it didn’t work.
I completely reinstalled my machine now and used the Nvidia drivers -> Now it works!

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I’ve heard from some people, that ASUS is overclocking the chip in their drivers to get better performance. Is that correct?

This could have been the problem that I described above…

can you please tell me where you found the 12.90 drivers for the asus card? thanks