i sometimes get an unhandled exception with the origin gdi32.dll, i traced a little bit and i think it has to do with the pixel format stuff and/or GL-RC. it’s strange,because it doesnt happen every program run. ???

Yes, this is a bug in Windows. You should be able to safely ignore it.

cool, this is funny :slight_smile:

i also get an exception thrown my way from kernel32.dll, dont know if it is about openGL,though. but my problem is i get some strange graphical errors now and then. all of my quads which have textures on them have a line through it ( look like split into triangles), the framerate is dropping extremely, and there are some other unusal lines on the screen as well. starnge,it just happens now and then ??

someone else encountered this problem?

I suggest you format your system and install Linux.

Finally someone is talking some sense :O)