"Gdi Generic Renderer Detected"

I googled the above and the first hit brought me to this forum. This appeared in my iTunes under view/show vizualizer/options/dr. glitter. It went on to say to disable any secondary displays (I don’t have any other monitors going but do have a 3-computer, home-based network with one other desktop and a laptop, the latter being wirelessly connected). I gather the secondary-display bit is not an issue but don’t know for sure. I had just downloaded the dr. glitter freeware before encountering this problem. I was wondering if anyone else has noted this and knows what to do about it. My iTunes has no problems displaying its classic or updated visualizers.

I just updated my video card driver (it’s a GeForce4 Ti 4200 by nVidia), and now it says that the GL extensions needed by dr. Glitter are ‘not supported’ by this graphics card. It specified GL_ARB_fragment (then it runs out of screen space) but I gather it should say ‘program’ after that. I gather there is nothing I can do but purchase another card or is there a way to get this card to support this extension?

Or “shader”, but it’s almost the same thing.
And yea, your analysis is pretty correct you have to get a new one as the GeForce4 Ti 4200 is pretty ancient, it doesn’t have to cost that much to replace it though.
a Geforce 8400GS would certainly work or something like a XFX Geforce 6200A if you only have a AGP slot.
Just ask at the local computer store as they might have something put away for a rainy day.