gDEBugger version 2.0 was released

gDEBugger version 2.0 was released. This version introduces two new profiling views: Performance Graph View and Performance Dashboard View. These two views contain performance counters graphs of Win32, gDEBugger and vendor specific graphic boards (NVIDIA and 3Dlabs), including: CPU/GPU idle, graphic memory consumption, vertex and fragment processors utilizations, number of function calls per frame, frame per second, amount of loaded textures and texels, etc. Using the gDEBugger Performance Analysis toolbar together with the new performance views enables finding graphic pipeline performance bottlenecks quickly and easily.

This new version can be downloaded from here

Please note:
[ul][li]The Win32 and gDEBugger counters are hardware indepandant and will work on all graphic boards (frame per second, amount of loaded textures and texels, number of OGL function calls per frame, CPU utilization, Virtual Mem Pages/sec, etc).[]To view the NVIDIA counters, the NVIDIA instrumented driver (version 77.72 or higher) and NVIDIA NVPerfKit must be installed and used. More details are available here []For the 3DLabs counters, a Wildcat Realizm graphic board and the Wildcat Realizm driver (version 4.05.0794 or higher) are necessary. They are available here [*]More information about the gDEBugger-3DLabs integration is available here .[/ul][/li]Enjoy,
The gDEBugger team

Forgot to mention; Fully functional 30-day trial version is available for everyone…