gDEBugger V2.3 Adds OpenGL Function Calls Statistics Information

The new V2.3 introduces a Calls Statistics view that allows viewing the number of times each OpenGL function call was executed in the previous frame and it’s percentage from the total functions execution count.

The list is updated each and every time the process is suspended. This insight information helps you locate (and then remove) redundant OpenGL function calls, state changes, etc.

The functions below are divided and listed by their enumerators to provide more precise information.

  • glBegin
  • glBindBuffer
  • glBindBufferARB
  • glBindTexture
  • glDisable
  • glDisableClientState
  • glDrawArrays
  • glDrawElements
  • glDrawRangeElements
  • glEnable
  • glEnableClientState
  • glMultiDrawArrays
  • glMultiDrawArraysEXT
  • glMultiDrawElements
  • glMultiDrawElementsEXT
  • glTexParameterX

This version also adds support for GL_ARB_texture_rectangle and GL_NV_texture_rectangle extensions and introduces a new GUI layout and docking system.

Trial version can be downloaded from here .

The gDEBugger team

How is gDEBugger different from the free glintercept?

Just a quick comparision:

gDebugger - GUI focused, runs more like a tradional debugger with breakpoints, state inspection.

GLIntercept - config file driven, focused on log files, no real GUI except the runtime shader editor.

I prefer GLIntercept’s approach as I can leave it in the development directory as “alway on” and ready to invoke when a problem arises. (obviously since I am the author I am very biased)

But you can download both and try for yourself.