gDEBugger supports OpenGL 1.5

Graphic Remedy released gDEBugger version 0.9.5.

This OpenGL debugger supports OpenGL 1.5 standard and additional extensions.

Latest features include automatic trace of OpenGL errors, the ability to save OpenGL state variables snapshot into a file and to record the OpenGL calls log into a file.

In addition, the gDEBugger now supports Windows XP service pack 2.


Unnecessary post…we already know about it from the main page.


True we already knew that but … now that a thread is opened on this tool …

Has anyone tried gDebugger? I dloaded it and tried it out and every single OpenGL app I try to use with it dies a quick death … before any graphics are displayed. Actually, it appears that it is crashing following a window resize in each app. This happens with all of my Win32 and Glut based apps as well as all of the NeHe lessons.

Also, the teapot example supplied with the debugger crashes. It displays the teapot just fine but whenever I stretch the window it dies as the others do …

It looks like it would be a fantastic tool if only it worked.

Am I doing something wrong?

Anyone else with a similar experience?

Hi pleopard

We and a lot of beta sites tested gDEBugger on quite a few machines, but didn’t encounter such a problem.
We would like to find the problem and fix it ASAP.

Please send more details to


The gDEBugger team

You have mail :smiley:

Seems my tool now has some serious competition. I’d better get busy…

gave it a shot, hrmm hit play it runs my app, hit record and apprently records to log file, hit stop and now wondering wtf is supposed to happen?

made a 50mb log file though…

This looks very fancy. I’m gone have to give it a try.


gDEBugger now supports applications that load OpenGL32.dll dynamically after the process run starts.

What if the application uses an absolute path to load the dll?

Hi V-man

gDEBugger “dynamic OpenGL32.dll load” support has few limitations. Most of the limitations can be workaround (see our FAQ page ). Absolute path loading is currently NOT supported.
We plan to add a mechanism that solves all these limitations (including the absolute path loading) in one of our coming versions.
Until then, you can modify your code to use relative path while debugging.

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments.

The gDEBugger team