Gamma Radiation

Hi fellas,
I’ve had a problem that’s persisted across
2 motherboards
2 CPUs
2 sets of memory DIMMs
2 hard drives
2 OS installations (I think)
3 video cards.
When I play 3D games (Unreal Tournament, QuakeIII, Elite Force, No One Lives Forever), I usually get an awful bright yellow glare over game graphics. It makes the colors wrong, first of all, and it is actually painfully bright to look at, sometimes. It happened on my Voodoo3 when I ran Unreal Tournament in OpenGL and in D3D, but not Glide. It happened on my GeForce DDR, but only when I ran UT in 16-bit color. It happens on my GeForce2. I can work around it in QuakeIII-engine games, because they all understand the command ‘r_ignorehwgamma,’ but this is a workaround, not a fix, and not all games use that venerable engine (UT just plays better, I’m sorry, and No One Lives Forever is a breath of fresh air). Well, my rants aside, I’m confident that the problem is not in the game software, because it shows itself in several different engines. But if it’s hardware, why am I seeing it even when my system is completely different from the one I had when I first saw it? Please give me any advice other than uninstalling the whole thing and reinstalling… that’s of course the surest easy bet, but I’ve done that (for other reasons) more than once since I started noticing this problem, to no avail.