Gaming VGA Performance vs 3D Animation Rendering VGA Performance

Since this is my first post, I want to briefly mention how I heard of OpenGL: About 6 years ago, I was using a particle effects program called Illusion , which was running in slow motion on my Athlon 600. After installing an nVidia 64 MB GeForce card, Illusion began rendering effects just a second or two short of real time. VERY Impressive.

On to today’s issue: I was just looking at the new 2007 VGA comparison chart at Tom’s Hardware. There’s plenty of statistics available for gaming plus a handful of 3DMark results. However, no 3D rendering programs were tested.

I’m not buying a new VGA card for gaming, I’m buying it for accelerating 3D animation rendering, particularly in OpenGL based applications.

So, what I’m wondering is: how well do the gaming and 3DMark results translate to accelerating 3D / OpenGL rendering.

If a given card performs significantly better than another card in the gaming / 3DMark tests, can the same significant performance improvement be expected in 3D animation rendering applications such as Bryce, MojoWorld, and Lightwave?

Also, does anyone know of a comparison chart that focuses more on 3D apps than Gaming apps ?

Many Thanks

Looks for benchmarks that use SPEC

Like this one:

Note that in general game tests will probably give a rough guide.

Also note that both Nvidia and AMD make cards specially for workstations. (Quadro and FireGL series)