gaming problems

i have a geforce fx 5600xt
1G ram
2.6G cpu

now whenever i play a game whether its new (star wars galaxies) or old (vampire masquerade) on swg when it loads the world im on it crashes back to the desktop no errors, no nothing… with vampireM when i walk into a room goes to desktop no errors, no nothing…

1)I have a new hdd, same problem
2)I have downloaded every known update/driver on the net, same problem
3)I have just used the cd drivers that came with the gcard, same problem
4) i have had 5 diffrent techs look at it and when i get it back, same problem
5) i had a Geforce ti 4600 i had NO PROBLEMS with it, worked like an angel, but it eventually died, since getting this new card problem after problem

Does anyone had any ideas on what to do?

please dont reply by saying you sure you downloaded ALL the drivers and installed them correctly?!, cause i did! i have formatted my hdd constantly and tried every possible thing i can humanly think off…

i surpose i should add, im using xp, probably the main reason i have so many screw ups

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