Gaming in win2k with OpenGL

I was particularly pissed when I finally went out and bought a copy of Half-life and couldn’t run it in openGL on my win2k box. Sure, win2k may not be the gaming OS of choice but it’s a helluva lot more stable than most Microsoft OS’s. I managed to stumble across a post by Andy01 in another thread about Q3A and by following the same directions I solved my openGL related issues. Here’s hoping you’ll have the same luck…

First my system -

ASUS 440BX PIII 500Mhz
STB Velocity 4400 (Nvidia TNT chipset)
DSL internet connection
Windows 2000 Professional w/ SR2.
DirectX 8.0a

I’ve got the latest drivers for everything (as of July 7, 2001).

The problem…

Half-life would sometimes work, sometimes freeze, not load at times, act funky, be pissy, and generally not be stable with OpenGL. I blamed my video card because it isn’t exactly the newest of the new. And then Microsoft. And then Nvidia’s reference drivers. And then my DSL internet connection. All of which, at some point, managed to completely f**k Half-life.

But then I ran acorss the aforementioned post by Andy01 (thanks Andy!) and my problems disappeared.

The solution…

I did a search for the file opengl32.dll on my system and came across opengl32.dll dated 04.05.2001 in:

x:/winnt/system32 and x:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386.

And another opengl32.dll dated 07.12.1999 in x:/winnt/$ntservicepackuninstall$.

I copied the 07.12.1999 file wherever opengl32.dll was located and bada-bing-bada-boom it worked. My problems are history.

So… this worked for Andy01 with Q3A and for me with Half-life. I can’t explain it but I’m sure it isn’t a coincidence. I hope this “fix” helps anyone experiencing the same problems.


Hmmm… That suggests that there’s a new OpenGL32.dll with the service pack, and it’s screwed?

why dont u use winME or wait for XP as the extra hassles of compatibility with 2000 sure out weigh the stability issues of win9x especially for games.
ive had little trouble with windows 9x when got latest drivers,patches and fixes. unless u need the server,networking,and proffessional apps stability there is little point having it.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that opengl32.dll in the service pack is screwed although it definitely impacted my gaming situation.

Update… I can run with opengl in Half-life until I try and escape to the main screen (i.e. config options, console, etc) twice. Then it freezes and reboots. Funny. But, at least I can play as long as my configuration is fine. I think this has something to do with switching to different modes on my video card.

As for why I use win2k - it’s fast, it works, it’s stable, I’ve got it setup the way I like it. I usually leave my computer on all the time and hate having to dual-boot to a gaming environment. And yes, I’ll probably install XP when it’s officially released.

I ran across this on the MS site - although I don’t have a TNT2 it makes me go hmmm.

From Microsoft…:

OpenGL Support Not Available on nVidia TNT2 Card in Microsoft Windows 2000



Ok… I think I finally got it working. And yes, I do realize I’m probably posting for the benefit of no one.

Here goes…

I put opengl32.dll date 04.05.2001 back into the places where I had copied over it. I uninstalled the latest nvidia reference drivers version 12.41 and installed nvidia TNT drivers version 6.50 and selected use block transfer for buffer flipping mode on the opengl tab (display/settings…).

Why? Check out for details.

Things seem to work.

Thanks for the update. I’m actually following this with interest, since I haven’t yet installed SP2.

Things worked for awhile and then… well… my computer would magically reboot on its own.

I give up.

Jer, thanks for the update and the link to 3DSpotlight! I found a TON of information there concerning Win2k, GeForce 2 GTS, and CS tweaks I deperately needed. Thanks again!