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How can I use openGL on a game called the Babylon Project?
I have a windows xp laptop and when i try to play the game. I get black and grey blocs on my screen. Any ideas?

A continuation of Freespace 2? Sweet! I loved that one.

I believe Freespace was based on DirectX, not OpenGL, so Babylon Project will most likely be based on DirectX, too.
You should probably try Babylon Project forum or tech support.

Freespace… that was like Doom in a space ship, right? I never got around to that one, though it looked like a good one.

The lord knows I had my fill of Doom (Actually I preferred Hexen, the RGP-ish offspring of the engine). Sadly, I did partake of the cheat codes, and there were cheat codes a plenty. Actually, I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, the game or the cheating :slight_smile: