Gamespy Error

I need help. I bought HALO early January and it’s internet worked fine until then. Yesterday, I was playing, the game shut down, and then I tried to get back on the main game page but everytime i say get list it says “error connecting to GAMESPY website”
I have the latest RADEON I’m on a school LAN and no one else I know has full version only trial. Their trial games still work. I am not a registered member of GAMESPY.
I can’t sign up for Kazaa or anything.

sorry the error says error connecting to GAMESPY master server

Eventhough that really hasnt anything to do with OpenGL, I will answer anyway.

I would say your school locked down access to certain services.

Yeah but how come trial still works?
Sry I didn’t notice this was OpenGL cuz I just did a YSHOO search for HALO forums