just wondering which games everyone works on(if any)…

just asking, coz i’m bored today

Im working on a car racer. Something like Skid Marks from the Miggy. Its working to an ‘extent’ right now, so if any body is interested in helping me complete a few issues I am having with it, drop me a line.

I’m working on Falldown 3D =)

Maybe you’ve played it. It’s an insanely addictive game (like tetris!) where you’re supposed to steer a ball so that it falls down gaps in rows of blocks, which travel upwards.
Did that make sense?
Anyway, if you’re not fast enought you’ll get crushed at the top of the screen.

It’s extremly fun (but that’s not my doing). And also extremly pretty, due to the fact that I’m using OpenGL (dynamic lights, particle system and pretty textures). Fun AND pretty, can’t loose!

I code a Q3-Viewer which has anything working so far but without shaders and curved surfaces…


I’m working on a massively multi-player epic story-based racing shooter.


i’m working in one game based on The Matrix movie…

The perspective just like The Sims, and the action i really appreciate if like Half-life.
Pretty fast and dynamic…

if anybody interest to take a look and help me in some topics…

call me at

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I am working on 3d visuals for a pc based simulator…

Another 3d shooter… This one has a twist… More as I write it…

I am working on an off-road simulator.

I am working on a flight sim

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I want to start a 3D RTS (something like Warcraft3) but now I’m just learning OpenGl. If someone can give me some code that helps me I appreciate. BTW after I finish NeHe’s tutorial what should I study?


I’m working on a 3d space RTS game that is going quite well. It’s somthing like homeworld, but lets you zoom to the solar view and the galactic view so you can manage quite large fleets and resources.

I’m working on an Adventure Game (Resident evil, Parasite Eve, Silent hill like), a MMORPG called Hypernovae (, and my very own RPG called “Fedia: Legend”.

Of course all using the same OpenGL1.2 based engine

I am working on a 3D action/strategy with isometric view and free rotationg and zooming camera.

This is wipeout fusion for the playstation 2…

Im working on something like this, but a lot better…

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I am interested in looking at simple 3d (preferably) graphics engine in opengl and I was wondering if anybody had one they could send me. I just want to learn some techniques for making a good game/ graphics app, so thanks for your time! – hades


I started on a 3d rts a few months ago but had to let it go due to lack of time… I didn’t get very far, a 3d landscape with a few polygon-men on wich you can tell where to go… If you wan’t it send me a mail and I’ll send it to you. I can’t send it now since I’m not at my home computer…


I am working on a Space Simulator, or is it called space shooter ?
But you know what i mean, a game like Freespace or Wing Commander.

More infos on my
Site .


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I too am working on a space shooter… based on babylon 5 (the tv show)…actually I’m still working on the engine, and only have some ideas for the game

i’m working private at a spacegame called TYRANNEN… fun like in the old days of R-Type etc

i’m working on a project of a group but not much info to present except we can load q3 maps

and i’m not officially working anymore for a nice project: starcraft3d

can be found at