Games in OpenGL Mode crash


Whenever I run any Half-Life Mod or some other game that uses OpenGL my computer just crashes after a while. There are no error messages displayed. I am absolutely certain it’s caused by OpenGL because if I run them in D3D mode they run fine and don’t crash at all.
I have all the latest drivers for my graphics card (Radeon 9600pro) and my system is P4 3ghz with XP home SP2. I sent an e-mail to ATI about this and they replied with a number of possible fixes including going to and downloading the software. is down and from what I’ve read from google searches it’s been down for quite some time. I also googled for glsetup but all the downloads I have found are for win95/98.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

glsetup is obsolete. ATI employees are not aware of this I guess.

Some things to try :
and download GLInfo2, what does the first screen say about renderer, version.

You may have to update your chipset drivers. Could be related. Try the ones from VIA if yuo have VIA chipset.

Finally, SP2 might not have been a good idea, considering the number of people having problems with it. Considering uninstalling it.

Thanks for the reply, the screen says:

Driver Version:
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer: RADEON 9600 x86/SSE2
OpenGL Version 1.5.4707 WinXP Release

Looks fine.
Try getting rid of SP2, that is to say if you don’t really need it.

If it was crashing before SP2 as well, then it’s some software/hardware issue. It’s hard to diagnose, specially if it’s just one game. You can try various things like changing the control panel settings for your ATI.