Games freeze and looping sound, using ATI Radeon

Im having difficulty playing OpenGL games such as HalfLife, Quake 3, Soldier of Fortune, Baldurs Gate 2, etc. They all crash, looping the sound and turning on the monitors sleepmode. Happens from 10 secs to 1 hour of playing. DirectX mode and everthing else works perfect…BUT NOT OPENGL

My specs.

K6-2 350 MHz
128 Mb PC100 RAM
ASUS P5A Motherboard BIOS rev 1007
Soundblaster PCI64V
ATI Radeon 64Mb DDR (driver 4.12.3056)
ALI AGP driver ver 1.69
ALI IDE driver 3.56
DirectX 8.0
Windows 98SE

I have tried nummerous things:
-Reinstalling windows and drivers
-Removed my soundcard from the machine
-Using another monitor
-Underclocking my PC
-disabling different BIOS settings as: AGP turbo, Framebuffer etc.
-Running AGPx1 and (PCI bus speed) eventhough ATI Radeon DDR does not support AGPx1, but only x2 and x4.
-disabling different features for my AGP port such as Write alocation, Sideband etc.

None of the above worked and Im growing tired and getting desperate.

Has anyone experieced the same problem?

I think it might be the Radeon drivers but I have the newest ones (4.12.3056)also tried SP 4.12.3063 - no luck

Please help!

Anders Serup

Go to and download the 7068 drivers, it may perhaps help you.

Originally posted by Humus:
Go to and download the 7068 drivers, it may perhaps help you.

I have the same problem in the same card running open gl based games like quake 3 arena and american mcgee’s alice, in my system i can launch those games, everything seems fine, the menus, the intros, but when i shoul be starting to play it hangs and i need to reset the system i did everything, upgraded my BIOS, my card drivers and it didn’t work.
My system is a custom Pentium III 650 mhz w/192 mb of ram 13 gb HD running in a soyo 6vba 133 motherboard if you already got the solution PLEASE HELP

The new beta driver for Radeon DDR (4.15.7068)found on, fixed the problem with OpenGL game freezes. If anyone is having the same problem as mine (see above)then downloading .7068 might be a good idea.