Game Problems...

well my problem is when i play wolf 3d return to castle mp test, it will load and sometimes freeze and during the game it will freeze sometimes after 5 minutes and sometimes longer or less… the sound will keep repeating over and over, and it does the same thing in q3a, even though they use the same game engine, it used to do it in half-life using opengl mode but never in software mode… i recently installed wickedgl and that fixed the problem with half-life but i don’t know how to get wickedgl to work right with wolf 3d since it doesn’t have support for it but it does for q3a, and when i tried it with q3a but no luck :/. i have a vooodoo 3/2000 16mb pci graphics card… i know it sucks you don’t have to go on about me needing a new graphics card or what not, just if you have had the same problem possibly you could give me a solution or any help and/or advice would be fine… i run win xp and even before on win98 the same happened, thanks.


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