Game not detecting opengl properly

ok, simply put, I know the problem, I dont however know a fix for it. I have the newest Nvidia drivers and am running the 6600GT video card. an older game (2002ish) always says “Requires OpenGL1.1 or better” which I have obviously. anyways the problem is that it wont detect opengl properly, and i’v used Riva to change what it says my value is, but it doesnt change anything. the game wasnt a big hit and therefore does not have a patch that fixes this problem. if anyone could help me find a way to get this game to run without installing drivers for an older video card, it would be much appreciated

btw the game is called “Project Earth:Starmageddon”

What did you change the value to using the Riva?

Anyway, I downloaded the demo and got the same error. I worked around it by using GLIntercept.

Download and install it from here:

Then copy the opengl32.dll (from C:\Program Files\GLIntercept0_5) into the games’ exe folder.
Next create a file in the game folder called: “gliConfig.ini” and put the following text in it:

BaseDir = “C:\Program Files\GLIntercept0_5\Plugins”;
ExtensionOverride = (“GLExtOverride/GLExtOverride.dll”)
VersionString = “1.5.0 - Custom version string”;

(or you can just copy one of the example gliConfig.ini files and cut and paste the above text into it)

Let me know if you have any trouble.
(BTW: using this tool you can grab the textures and models from the game if you want :slight_smile: .)

ok sorry if I sound like a little fanboy or something here, but OMG thank you! anywho that was a really fast reply, and worked first thing, I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff. i’ll be back here in a few days bitching about how I cant beat the third level (the game is hard as crap) but at least i’ll get to play it again!