Game Mode

Hi, I’m a relative newcomer to OpenGL (I’ve gone through the SuperBible) and I’m learning by example through the various online tutorials. I’ve been going through Ashwin Subramanian’s set of tutorials (the .chm ones from and I wanted to try to add the new method for doing fullscreen mode (glutGameModeString and glutEnterGameMode) to the Visual C++ project files that these tutorials use but I can’t get it to work correctly (I’ve got GLUT 3.7.3). I’ve seen the way other tutorials have handled this but they don’t use the normal VC message handling structure that Ashwin’s projects do. I can get it to flip mode but then it flips back to my normal window and the drawing has stopped. I know there are a lot of Windows fullscreen demos out there (I have them) but I really wanted to go through the standard Visual C++ route (unless that’s a really bad idea?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Your post is a little bit confusing… Do you want to use GLUT or not? You say “I’ve got GLUT…” and quote the functions, but then you say you want to go the “standard Visual C++ route” and NeHe’s tutorials definately do not use GLUT, at least not the last time I looked at them.

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Hm, I guess I shouldn’t have tried to phrase that question at 4 in the morning! Basically, I was trying examples out that used Visual C’s Document-View framework. Specifically this was a simple tutorial from on animation. Then I saw some GLUT code for drawing to a fullscreen based upon a simlpe string value. I tried to incorporate this into the tutorial code but had problems due to the D-V framework. I wondered if there was anyone who’d tried this out and got it to work. Failing that then I guess it is not a good idea to use this frame work and, instead, go with standard Windows coding with OpenGL over the top?