I have, for some time now, been wanting to make a game. Specifically it’s called Gabrielle. I myself have virtually no coding experience, and I don’t have the time or money to learn, especially with school. Gabrielle is designed to be a first person shooter, it could be third person, but I prefer first person. The game is set somewhere around 100-200 years in the future, Gabrielle is the main character. She is, basically, a super soldier. For some unknown reason se was born with abilities like none other. No flying or anything like Superman. She works for a seperate branch of the government, and they sent her on a recon mission to the alien world of Sulaar. But, for some unknown reason at the beginning of the game, she did something that could and most likely will ignite a war between earth, and the Sulaarians. If you would like to help, you can email me or contact me on MSN Messenger at or my AIM is piealpha6792351. Or you could just PM me or reply to this thread.

Agent 007.

Wow, that’s the single most original, ground-breaking, exciting, imaginative and well thought out game design I have ever had the pleasure of reading. And this is the most delightfully appropriate forum in which to discuss it.
It would be my pleasure…no sorry, it would be my unadultarated honour to work for you. If you paid me, I would be insulted. Indeed, if you need any money, for sandwiches and such things, please don’t hesitate to slip my wallet from my pocket and help yourself.
The only question now is - where in the name of jehova do I sign?

Don’t mind knackered’s cynicism; it is unrivaled and well nigh legendary.

Agent 007, I told all of my friends and co-workers about this and we’re all in.

At first, they seemed apprehensive, “oh no” they groaned, “not another first person shooter with a canned story in a vanilla, pseudo-futuristic setting?” I said, no, no. You don’t understand the diamond in the rough that is Gabriel.

See, the main character is a woman. That blew their minds right there. No other game had had that! But that was just the warm up.

And it’s a first person. Or possibly third person, not sure yet. Sure enough, that floored them.

It’s set in the future, with superpowers! Superpowers, think about it. Yeah. (Not stupid superpowers, like Superman… something good. Not sure what, though.)

Plot devices, character development? No, thank you. We fast forward through anything stupid and boring with a simple “unknown reason” in this game. Then, it’s on to the action, whatever the hell it is.

Anyway, the friends, co-workers, family, fellow shoppers, other drivers and puppies I told this idea to had only one thing to say: “This all sounds incredibly original and exciting, but… Does he have a name for the generic space race the heroine meets? I mean, a really good name; one that sound like it was ripped out of a bad orginial Star Trek episode.”

Yes. Yes, he does.

I am unsure as to what to think of that last post, Aeluned. She does not have super powers per se. She is, advanced. That means she can do a lot more things than a regular person. And what do you mean by “Space race?” And there is character development. You just don’t know why she did what she did at the beginning. If in every movie, game, or novel, they told the whole thing in one paragraph at the beginning you wouldn’t have a movie, game, or novel would you? You peoples cynicism and sarcasm is ridiculous, and if you think my request is the same, just say so. I would learn OGL and do this myself, but unfortunately we don’t all have the money, or time, or other resources to do this.

What they’re trying to say (through thinly veiled sarcasm) is that:

1: This is neither a game design forum nor a recruitment forum. It is an OpenGL forum. As such, your post is rather inappropriate.

2: Your game design as stated is, quite frankly, lacking and sadly unoriginal. It isn’t even a finished design; it has far too many “ifs” and such to be a real design. It’s just a sketch for a game that you wanted to make.

3: Because 1 and 2 are rather obvious, poking fun at your post is a reasonable alternative to actually taking the time to list out 1 and 2. It, also, exposes the poster to redicule for making an obviously inappropriate post.

Personally, I find that the most efficient way to deal with posts like this just to tell the person that the post is inappropriate. Otherwise, they might continue and lengthen the thread (as seen here), thus making the thread seem legitimate.

I’m not sure what’s worse. Agent007’s game or knackered’s and Aeluned’s attempts at being funny and sarcastic. I guess they all suck in equal measurement.

I vote Agent007’s game.
Closely followed by Baggio and Korval proudly declaring their lack of a sense of humour.
Hello again, agent007 - please remember me when you come to distributing share options.

I had a lot of fun reading Korval’s listing of all these obvious statements that the thread owner apparently missed. This was done in such a cartesian way, it almost feels like logic.

Sometimes, a fun thread like this one may seeme legitimate to me. And I long to see the next knackered vs world fight.

Just please go on knackered, sometimes you’re so right in what you think it’s refreshing to see how bluntly you explain it. You’re like one of those 2nd place actors in hollywood movies that should actually be 1st place but can’t because the character would not be as funny if he talked too much. (take it as a compliment, please)


We are witnessing the birth of a brilliant game designer, show some respect.

Not for him the toil, time & expense of learning OpenGL. Greatness must be nurtured, otherwise he’d just do the grunt work himself.

Funniest thread in ages.

Lest ye fail to realize, game designers and producers like this pollute the gaming industry. This guy is actually fairly typical.