Game Extensions

as one of the other post said the Only reason pple do(amitures that is) OpenGL is because Quake is writen using opengl. This is personally one of only two reasons why i chose it over D3D the other being i have a mac and pc and one day want to port my stuff. ok to the point, you refused to add extensions to opengl because it made buisiness aps unstable which is a good reason but it doesnt help us games programmers does it? dont you think that you can add some extension designed for games and games only regardless of the stability towards buisiness apps. Tha way that this could be implemented is like the way the utility libary has been implemented as a almost sepereat entity. For example it could ba called gamegl and the commands could have the suffexces of ggl or somthing like this. just by calling it game gl will make buisiness users very wary of trying to add the routines etc to there buisiness apps, and by having a spacific set of OGL game functions can only go to highten pples interest in programming for it. Also there (if such a systemwas implemented) should be a different board of ppl that vote on adding stuff to it. This should compramised of giving the users a vote by having a pole at this web wite, and companies like ID and games companise should make up the rest with the creators SGI. i know i have rattled on a bit but i do think that expanding OGL twards games is the best way to make it survive against D3D which is a pure games API.

Hey, I found someone who thought of the same thing I did - cool!