Game engine

I want to start coding a game engine but i need some theory about engines. Where can i get some documents about that? Or should i take a look at some others engines like Crystal Space or Quake or what?

There’s a good book called 3D Games written by Allan Watt and Fabio Policarpo that offers a very good approach for all techniques with the source code of a complete game engine (Fly3D). I have been reading that and it’s very good.

Hey man thats a good idea , but i dont have
50 buggs . That is too much money. There must be a cheeper way.

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No pain, no gain !!!
Buy the books dude ! Buy as much books as you can ! They’re an invaluable reference !!!

Go to

This’ll teach you OpenGL and some basic input skills.

Then go to and and just post millions of questions and look at tons of source code. A good engine to look at that has full source is the Titan engine; but only if you are confident with understanding C++. Even if you’re not it’ll probably help you with what you should be TRYING to understand

Hope it helps